Why need Vista or OS X anymore?

I have tried various OSes over the past few years, but nothing has impressed me as much as Linux. The power and flexibility of Linux drew me to it initially, but now it even has cool eye candy. The pictures below are taken on Ubuntu 7.04 running Beryl. It’s an evolving 3D windowing system, I say evolving because of the not so good support for all graphics cards on Linux, and yes there are some bugs, its not a full production system. But that’s not the point here, its about the endless possibilities Linux offers.

It provides Expose style effects allowing you to easily switch between windows. You can switch between windows on multiple workspaces too. Provides better alt+tab visualization, transparent windows, depth visualization and zoom in feature. There’s also 3D desktop switching, which I was not able to take a snapshot of. It has other neat effects like blur, which in most cases is not really useful and some more eye candy stuff provided your graphics card supports it. My card is a old ATI Radeon 9000, for which there’s not much support in the form of drivers, but still I get these wonderful effects. In most cases more than the eye candy its really useful when you have a lot of windows open and want to see through the clutter.

Beryl Beryl Beryl 5.png Beryl


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