Wasted time

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste in a day. Well I though i’d try it out on a regular day and found out that nearly 3 to 4 hours a day goes waste. This does not include time where u doze of at work or just go for a drive. This is time that’s accounted a productive time by your employer. I check my mails every 30 mins on all my 6 mail accounts, knowing fully that I will not receive an email. The first thing you fell like typing into a browser is gmail.com or mail.yahoo.com or most probably google.com. Then there are times when you just keep staring at your monitor thinking about nothing at all, or how horrible life is. I do not consider it a waste of time to look around taking your focus off the screen at least every hour, even though the recommended time is 20 mins. Just getting up a from your chair every hour freshens you up, which again is not a waste of time.

Well looks like I have just typed in some random jabbering. Coming to the point of wasted time, when you’re looking at your watch and, “Oh God when will it be 5:30pm”, from 5:00pm onwards. Its all typical on any white collar job. I remember back in my undergrad days, I think in my 2nd year, my HOD taught us some lessons on time management, this is Chandran for those of you who know him. He wanted us to note down what we did every 30 mins. I ended up realizing I wasted a lot of valuable time everyday. Then again, in one weeks time I totally forgot about all the time management lessons. Now after 5 years I am facing the same problem and when I recall past memories, I keep facing similar problems in a while loop with dynamic variables.

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