Twitter Search

Today I really felt the importance for Real-Time search updates. I wanted to find out if the quota for the H1B for FY2010 was met. Searched Google and other places, even searched the USCIS page which is supposed to have the information, but turned up empty handed. The only place on the Web I was able to get the real time update was on Twitter Search. Awesome….

Here’s the query for H1B Lot of people have been saying the enormous benefits of real time search and the potential for Twitter to excel in this space. Hoping to see a lot of advancements in this area. Also to note FriendFeed also has the search feature, but most of its feeds come from Twitter.

Finally if you are new to Twitter. I recommend you get an account asap and start “tweeting”. I for one am not too crazy about updating my status every few mins, I hardly send any updates. But the majority of the potential lies with live news coverage and coverage of events from thousands of perspectives, the possibilities are just limitless.


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