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Panoramic views in Colorado

Here’s some nicely stitched together images to form beautiful panoramic views. One is the Royal Gorge and the other is atop Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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Firefox crop circles

Firefox crop circles

Not sure how many of you have heard of crop circles, might be if you have seen the movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson you might have some idea. They are basically huge signs made in the fields. Its rumoured that they are made by extra-terrestrials, no solid proof. Anyway coming to my point this crop […]

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Firefox bus

Firefox ad

This bus in Karnataka, India is painted with the Firefox logo. I am not sure if that was done knowingly or just becuase it looked nice. Anyway that’s good advertisement for Firefox.

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Cardboard boat race

Cardboard Boat Racing

It was a fun Saturday at Greers Ferry Lake at Heber Springs, Arkansas. Is was the day of the Cardboard boat racing. Contestants had planned for the race well ahead of time and designed their cardboard boats. The main question is will those boats float. I was surprised at the crowd that turned up for […]

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The Messenger

Jim Hansen the most respected climate scientist had been warning us for quite sometime that we are reaching a threshold in global warning. If we don’t take necessary steps within the next two decades our actions make become irreversible. But he says that we still have time to slow down and take necessary steps to […]

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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

The Fine Arts Society of India (FSI) at UT Arlington, has produced this wonderful video for “mile sur mera tumhara”. Check it out. UTA people this is a must see for all of u. Also those aspiring to join UTA get a fell of UTA and the Indian student community.

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National Geographic photo

Wonderful piece of work

The white ones are the real camels and the black is their shadow. Wonderful isn’t it.

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