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Interactive Digital Magazines

Interactive digital magazines are finally here. I’m really excited about the prospect of getting all my magazines digitally. Most magazines have some form of digital distribution, be it PDF’s or custom applications, there’s a lot available at Scribd or Issuu, but the next step is making them interactive and that’s where I believe the holy […]

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Twitter Search

Today I really felt the importance for Real-Time search updates. I wanted to find out if the quota for the H1B for FY2010 was met. Searched Google and other places, even searched the USCIS page which is supposed to have the information, but turned up empty handed. The only place on the Web I was […]

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Poster Movie The Institute 2017

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download The Institute (2017) subtitle english

The Institute (2017) HD Director : James Franco, Pamela Romanowsky. Writer : Adam Rager, Matt Rager. Release : March 3, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Redwire Pictures, Campbell Grobman Films, Jeff Rice Films. Language : English. Runtime : 90 min. Genre : Thriller. ‘The Institute’ is a movie genre Thriller, […]

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Document embedding in websites

I’ve been using Scribd for some time now and wanted an embedded viewer for my blog. Scribd does now have that option to embed or the new Quick Switch which can convert all documents on your site into iPaper links. Recently I happened to come across Issuu which is also a document sharing site much […]

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Interesting, I happened to be searching for some cheap PC’s without an OS, so I can install Linux on them. It just occurred to me that I heard of Linux Machines, so I typed in the url ““, that’s when I was surprised, it redirected instantly to Google. Coming to the main question, is that […]

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Today’s Picks

Mozy free online backup upto 2 GB. OpenDNS – A faster way to access the internet. Haven’t tried this yet! Silverlight – A nice white paper on silverlight architecture.

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Before – Easy photo editing on the web

I came across this yet another Web 2.0 company that did some cool stuff that I would actually use. Its a site called Picnik that allows you to edit photos that are hosted on Flickr or Picasa web album. The best part is its free and easy to use. You don’t have to learn complex […]

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Watch movie online Mad Families (2017)

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Mad Families (2017) subtitle english

Mad Families (2017) HD Director : Fred Wolf. Writer : Fred Wolf, David Spade. Release : January 12, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Crackle. Language : Pусский, English. Runtime : 102 min. Genre : Comedy. ‘Mad Families’ is a movie genre Comedy, was released in January 12, 2017. Fred Wolf […]

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Youtube for documents

Do you use Youtube much? If you do, then you will like this site called scribd which is a youtube clone for documents. Even if you don’t use youtube, this site is still worth a visit. Here is an interesting article that I read recently on scribd.

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