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Moab HPC Suite

Review of Moab HPC Suite

I’ve been using Moab HPC suite for more than a year now and have finally got some time to write up a complete in-depth review of all the features. Hopefully this is helpful for those looking at incorporating Moab in your environment. Moab Adaptive HPC Suite is a complete solution to manage a HPC environment […]

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Roundtrip HTTPS

I just read this interesing article at InfoQ on the “The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection” and is interesting to note what all happens behind the scenes in a HTTPS connection.

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Watch movie online Born in China (2017)

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Born in China (2017) subtitle english

Born in China (2017) HD Director : Lu Chuan. Writer : David H. Fowler, Brian Leith, Phil Chapman, Lu Chuan. Producer : Phil Chapman, Roy Conli, Brian Leith. Release : April 21, 2017 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America, China. Production Company : Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disneynature, The Walt Disney Company, […]

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Why need Vista or OS X anymore?

I have tried various OSes over the past few years, but nothing has impressed me as much as Linux. The power and flexibility of Linux drew me to it initially, but now it even has cool eye candy. The pictures below are taken on Ubuntu 7.04 running Beryl. It’s an evolving 3D windowing system, I […]

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MSFT offers to buy Yahoo?

Atleast that is what this article at says. I have never heard anything like this before. If it happens it will be one of the biggest mergers in IT industry. Update: And the story is now on techcrunch.

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My grid computing blog referenced

I didn’t think my blog will get referenced anywhere, and I stopped blogging on the topic, but this reference gives me a new hope. Checkout this post from International Science Grid This Week. “From individuals, entrepreneur John Powers runs the Powers Unfiltered blog focusing on his collaboration with Microsoft and work on Grid computing with […]

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Tech podcasts

PodTech is a good source for podcasts on technology. I haven’t really got into the podcast world, but today I saw my first podcast, and its definitely worth it. Podcasts are short videos on any topic, they are like blogs for video or audio. There’s tons of sites for podcasts, but what interested me in […]

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