New Enterprise Grid initiatives

When enterprise Grid adoption seemed to be on a flat scale, D-Grid has come up with 5 enterprise grid initiatives:

  • BIS-Grid (business information systems)
  • Biz2Grid (grid technology for enterprises)
  • FinGrid (financial business)
  • PartnerGrid (e-collaboration for the industry)
  • ProGRID (collaborative product development)

More on each

Though it’s good to see new initiatives spring, the real question is are these viable solutions for the industry. What everyone tends to put on the back burner is enterprises operate differently from academic environments. Though all these initiatives seem good from the their stand point, the industry is not ready to absorb them as they are. What is happening here is, there’s a grid solution and we are trying to adapt that to the specific industry, though this may work for some, but not for Financial services specifically. What needs to happen is understand those industries better and build up a grid infrastructure from existing systems. One thing you shouldn’t expect out of certain industries is sudden change.


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