Moab Workload Manager CLI Commands

Here’s a list of handy commands for dealing with Moab. I’m going to keep it short and focus on commands to solve specific use cases.

Job Templates

1. List all job templates (items created with the JOBCFG setting)

mdiag -j --flags=policy

2. Create a job template

mschedctl -m config --flags=persistent "JOBCFG[<template_name>] <template_parameters>"

Moab configuration

1. List current Moab configuation options

mschedctl -l config

2. Modify a configuration
The -e option will verify the configuration line without actually updating anything. If the --flags=persistent is left out, the configuration change will be lost when Moab is recycled.

mschedctl -m config --flags=persistent "<configuration_line>"

3. Check configuration validity

mdiag -C <config_file>


1. Cancel Single Reservations

mrsvctl -r <Reservation Id>

Node Control

1. Offline a node, use state=idle to make the node available

mnodectl -m state=drained  <node_name>


1. Delete a trigger

mschedctl -d trigger:<trigger_id>

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