Lok Paritran

Here comes the change to Indian politics. A new national party Lok Paritran ( Paritrana ) launched recently by a group of group of talented, enthusiastic youngsters. For those of us who are not so much into politics this is your chance to do something for the country. Its not everyone that wants to become a politician, so I ask you to do the least you can for our country. Vote for Lok Paritran. They are standing in the upcoming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala. Read more about their ideals in the Hindu news article or at their website.

Trana (Trana) means the act of relieving a conscious entity from the state of distress or pain. However, this relief may not be of permanent nature. Paritrana (Paritrana) is the complete relief implying the end of the very cause of distress.


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