Intriguing tech startup names

It was a regular work day, attending meetings inbetween short coding sessions. In one of these meetings I encountered a name “Yotta Yotta” and was wondering what it was and we came to the conclusion it was the “yadda yadda” from Sienfield. But guess what we were wrong, that was actually the name of a company. With the Web 2.0 boom a lot of startup’s are coming with really fancy names.
I have encountered a few strange names earlier on, but then on this occasion, I decided to probe the multitude startups to find the strangest of them all. Here’s my list and I would encourage you readers to comment on names you have heard.

Kaboodle, Dohop, Sponit, Plurn, Etsy, Colib, Zazzle, Diigo, Blish, Renkoo, Woomp, Zimbio, Gliffy, Tagsy, Tioti, Otavo, Wrickr, Skobee, Yedda, Ookles, Lulu, Smugmug, Tinfinger, Qoop, Jellybarn, Goowy, Filangy, Zinadoo, Xuqa, Zillow.

This is a very small list, guess this will have to do for now and this startup logo mashup makes a good poster.

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