Every sysadmin maintaining more than a couple of systems would have always had to log onto multiple systems to perform some daily tasks. In most HPC environments where 100’s or 1000’s of machines are part of every cluster, there are various tools to help do just that. But on a smaller scale where you would just ssh to perform some tasks ClusterSSH is a really cool tool. With ClusterSSH it is possible to make a SSH connection to multiple servers and perform tasks from one single command window, without any scripting. ClusterSSH – cssh opens multiple xterm sessions and pipes in your commands to all those terminals.

You can connect to any specified server with the following command line.

#cssh [user@]host [[user@]host1 [user@]host2 ...]

Or you can set a list of servers in a configuration file and reference it by means of a tag

<tag> [user@]host [[user@]host1 [user@]host2 ...]

and then you can connect to all those servers with

#cssh <tag>

The tags can be placed at a user level at $HOME/.csshrc or globally at /etc/clusters. Get the download and more info at ClusterSSH Wiki.



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