Cardboard Boat Racing

Cardboard boat race Cardboard boat race Cardboard boat race

It was a fun Saturday at Greers Ferry Lake at Heber Springs, Arkansas. Is was the day of the Cardboard boat racing. Contestants had planned for the race well ahead of time and designed their cardboard boats. The main question is will those boats float. I was surprised at the crowd that turned up for the event, there were at least a thousand people, which is a lot for a small town like Heber Springs. Anyway back to the races, it was exciting with two rounds of heats and then a finals. There were separate races for the kids and adults. Towards the end of the day there was a destruction derby where they have to sink each other. I didn’t stay long enough to watch that, but it might have been fun. They had prizes for the best design, best decoration and the most dramatic sinking. I along with a couple of friends here are planning to take part next year. We are going to build our own cardboard boat, will let you’ll know if that happens. In the meantime check out this year’s photos.

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