Call for papers – Grid Economics and Business Models

The Journal of Grid Computing will publish a special issue on Grid Economics and Business Models, which also has been a theme of some very active workshops at several IEEE conferences lately.
In Grid computing systems, heterogeneous networked resources are utilized. Computational resources, storage, memory and bandwidth are complemented with content-oriented input from databases and Web services. Hence, such systems may operate in predefined and centrally organized ways, or coordination may be conducted in a self-organized, decentral manner.
Although there are plenty of idle computing resources available on the Internet, only a small percentage of these are actually utilized. One of the reasons for this could be a lack of reliability, availability, quality of service and security.
Substantial work has been done on protocols, middleware and services for security, discovery, sharing and management of computing, storage, data and other resources within dynamic, distributed computing systems. Little attention has been dedicated to the economically efficient allocation of such resources, the embedding of common pricing and business schemes with content provision, as well as the generation of business models based on Grid utilization.
Lately, several initiatives have started in order to generate substantial approaches in this area. The topic has emerged to become a key research topic in the domain of applying Grid technology in commercial applications such as service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services. Such approaches are fostering a wider commercial adoption of existing research-grade Grid computing systems in the services domain and enable completely novel business models in future.
Topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to:
  • Grid Economics
  • Engineering of Grid markets and Grid architectures.
  • Economic resource allocation in Grid scenarios.
  • Resource allocation in Grid scenarios.
  • Environment descriptions and economic metrics for grids.
  • Simulation of Grid markets.
  • Economics of Grid standardization.
  • Grid system economy, its operation and deployment.
  • Business Models for Grids and Utility Computing
  • Automated negotiation for Grid resource allocation.
  • Pricing, charging and accounting issues of Grid resources.
  • Suggestion for commercialization strategies for Grid approaches.
  • Business application development for Grid services.
  • Economic and business mechanisms in national computational Grid systems.
  • Agent-based simulation of Grid environments and markets.
  • Service Science
  • Engineering of e-organizations.
  • Computational and content services in Web 2.0.
  • Multi-tier offers: Computing and Web services.
  • Pricing and billing in SOA.
  • Evaluation of dynamic pricing and trading mechanisms for Grid and content resources.

Generation of knowledge in complex decision situations in Grid allocation, Grid economics and business models.Manuscripts formatted along the guidelines for authors of the Journal of Grid Computing ( must be submitted online under before March 31.

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