Best Tech products and Tech flops

Here are two interesting technology lists. One is the 50 Best Tech products of all time compiled by PC World and the other is 21 biggest technology flops compiled by Computer World.

Good for me I haven’t come across any of the tech flops. Got some to say about the best tech products. If I remember right I have used the following.

  • Netscape Navigator, yup those good old times.
  • Ipod, well really haven’t used the first generation one
  • Tetris, I still play that game, have a version in my cell phone and play everyday before going to bed.
  • Photoshop, not the version 3.0 anyway
  • Doom….yes
  • Windows 95, well more than that the system I used for Win95 had its own interactive interface, I think it was called Navigator from Packard Bell, it was a 2 floor house with office space etc….it was kinda fun then.
  • Iomega Zip Drive, still have my very first presentations and images collected of the net in my early days. It was very useful then. 100MB disks were like the thing then, I still have the drive and disks at home, well last I checked was back in 2001, it worked fine.
  • Spybot, I don’t know why this came in the list.
  • Compuserve, had it installed in my first machine, but didn’t really use it.
  • Mac OS X…nothing to say
  • The Print Shop, still have that CD lying around my house. There were tons of cliparts and stuff that was cool then.
  • TurboTax….not the version mentioned though, I used it last year to file my taxes.
  • Redhat well only from version 6
  • Adaptec Easy CD Creator
  • Microsoft Excel, don’t use it anymore atleast at not at home, no other choice at office. At home I use OpenOffice.

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