Back to blogging

I had taken off for sometime now and was almost at the point of removing this blog, when I came across this article in iSGTW about the various blogs focusing on Grid computing. There are some really interesting ones out there, but to tell you the truth I didn’t really expect my blog to be referenced there.

“From individuals, entrepreneur John Powers runs the Powers Unfiltered blog focusing on his collaboration with Microsoft and work on Grid computing with Digipede Technologies. Digipede’s Dan Ciruli also blogs through the West Coast Grid. Nirmal Ranganathan from India runs the Grid Chakra blog on enterprise grid computing, while IT consultant Martin MacLeod runs Blade Watch.” Read more…

So I’m going to take active part in the blogsphere. The focus of this blog is going to the remain the same, “Enterprise Grid Computing”, but am also going to have small snippets and articles about grid in the scientific and academic community. After all grids originated there, and me being an ex-student researching biogrids, the interest is always there. So stay tuned…


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