Ayudha Pooja in US

Ayudha Pooja always brings fond memories of cleaning the whole house, vehicles etc. and then performing the pooja, also doing pooja for the books you most dread to read. Even in the hostel during undergrad we cleaned our room and performed a pooja. Those are memories of the past, moving on to the present, the main discussion “Ayudha Pooja in US”, you might ask how is it any different.

There are probably some things that one might do:

  • Go to the temple
  • Try not to eat non-veg at least on such occasions
  • Probably perform a pooja at home if its not a weekday
  • That’s it period, the festive environment and colorful kolams are something that will probably never happen here.

Now a little of what I did this Ayudha Pooja. Since it was on a Sunday got up late as usual but a little earlier around 9am, couch time, went to the couch switched on the TV, sat down munching some cereals. No cleaning, no pooja nothing at all, just went had a bath and prayed that its and the nv part; averted it successfully.

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