Hacked By SA3D HaCk3D

Here’s some quick steps to get a functioning nova dev install running on a single machine. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and the instructions should be applicable to Ubuntu 10.04 as well. For the purposes of following through the steps a VM would suffice, but would be nice to have a devoted machine.

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Austin beckons

One of the most active cities in the US

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Moab Workload Manager CLI Commands

Here’s a list of handy commands for dealing with Moab. I’m going to keep it short and focus on commands to solve specific use cases. […]

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Moab HPC Suite

Review of Moab HPC Suite

I’ve been using Moab HPC suite for more than a year now and have finally got some time to write up a complete in-depth review of all the features. Hopefully this is helpful for those looking at incorporating Moab in your environment. Moab Adaptive HPC Suite is a complete solution to manage a HPC environment […]

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Ushering in Spring

The signs of Spring are propping all around.

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Interactive Digital Magazines

Interactive digital magazines are finally here. I’m really excited about the prospect of getting all my magazines digitally. Most magazines have some form of digital distribution, be it PDF’s or custom applications, there’s a lot available at Scribd or Issuu, but the next step is making them interactive and that’s where I believe the holy […]

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Sun/Oracle Grid Engine 6.2 installation on Windows

Sun Grid Engine 6.2 Update 2 introduced the support for Windows Operating systems to run as worker nodes. Sun or Oracle Grid Engine as it’s being relabeled now is a distributed resource manager primarily used in HPC environment, but there’s more widespread use now with all the new features introduced as part of Update 5.

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New look

Finally completed the long needed upgrade to the latest wordpress and in the process changed my theme. Earlier I had stuff scattered all over and now I’ve grouped all the content. Content which I was orginally posting to xaces.net will be posted here. I’ve also integrated the photos section within wordpress now, makes for easier […]

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Journal published in Genome Biology and Evolution

REPCLASS is a software tool that is used in classifying Transposable Elements. The original software was developed as part of my Master’s Theses with the guidance of Dr. Cedric Feschotte. We have now published a new journal in Genome Biology and Evolution titled “Exploring Repetitive DNA Landscapes Using REPCLASS, a Tool that Automates the Classification […]

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Roundtrip HTTPS

I just read this interesing article at InfoQ on the “The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection” and is interesting to note what all happens behind the scenes in a HTTPS connection.

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